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Adrenaline Fuelled Adventure as Clued In With Kids Review Crocky Trail

Adrenaline Fuelled Adventure as Clued In With Kids Review Crocky Trail

Address: Cotton Abbotts Waverton, Chester, CH3 7PH


Fun with diggers!

Crocky Trail is an award winning attraction located in Waverton, Chester. This family day out in Cheshire offers a mile long adventure trail for kids, plus a range of other attractions. After hearing so much about Crocky Trail, CIWK and a local childminder took two young teenagers, an 8 year old, a 4 year old, 2 year old and an 18 month old. We had a pretty good range of ages to fully see what Crocky Trail has to offer to determine if this adventure packed day out suits families with siblings of varying ages.

The childminder reported the ‘buzz’ in the car and the excitement of the upcoming visit. She was overjoyed that her teenage Son wanted to come along after visiting previously. We did ‘lose’ the teenagers when we arrived, which we expected to be fair. They returned when they got hungry and so we will come back to their experience later. 

A great workout for the adults who visited. CIWK did cheat just a tad!

For the rest of the crew, we headed off to explore the mile long adventure trail. The 4 and the 8 year old completed the majority of challenges which included a range of narrow walkways, rope and swing bridges, stepping stones, balance beams, wobbling planks and netting, giant logs and more. The children enjoyed putting their brains to the test as they tried to solve the maze to ring the bell and plot their escape from the ‘Jailhouse’. Basically the aim of trail is to try to complete the challenges without falling into the mud below, some of which is purposely very muddy and swamp like, after all, its part of the fun. We know we are meanies, but its quite hilarious if they do fall in. Therefore, take wellies as its inevitable someone will fall on their bum or land in a big muddy puddle! 

I can smile like a crocodile!

The 4 year old needed a little help over some small sections as she was a little worried about getting a muddy bum (which she did) but she felt such an achievement after having completed the trail. The 8 year old was really brave and gave the chain bridge a go, something CIWK chickened out on but it was nice to celebrate the kids when they overcame the obstacles. 

There was NO WAY I was giving this one a go! Hats off to the kids though who showed no fear. 

Ok so what did the little ones get up to? As mentioned, Crocky Trail does advise that the attraction is more suited to children aged 4 and up and the trail is a classic example of why. However, there were still some parts that were accessible e.g. a grassed maze where you follow the crocodiles, some of the walk ways, another maze, and in terms of accessing the trail there are two bridges, one suitable for the little ones, and one that’s more challenging for older kids. The pram also had no big issues getting around provided it stayed one side of the trail and it did give a great workout. Wheelchair users will have limited access on the trail, as mentioned on Crocky Trails website. 

There is a range of slides so the kids can choose how adventurous they wish to be. Nearby there are some smaller slides that the 2 and 4 year old loved. 

Where our two little tikes really got stuck in was when we visited ‘Wonderland’, a section specifically designed for the under 5’s. Great if like us you are bringing a mixture of ages. The bigger kids go off, as they did, and the smaller ones have fun being ‘eaten’ by a crocodile, exploring the wooden houses for characters like Thomas the tank engine, and bouncing around on the bouncy castle. There were plenty of picnic benches here which was ideal as it was in a quieter spot and largely enclosed, the perfect place for snack. The only snag was that there was a little stagnant water inside the bouncy castle. However, we also appreciate that the attraction was outside.

The toddlers hard at work in ‘Wonderland’ after hunting for Thomas in the play house. 

Whilst on the subject of food, prices for lunch were very reasonable. If you choose not to take a picnic, you can pick up a selection of paninis, pizzas sold either by the slice (£3.50) or as 7inch (£4), hot dogs (£2.50), burgers (£3.90), pasties (£2.00) and more. A tea and a coke came in at £3 and there is also a large selection of Kelly’s luxury Ice Cream. The hot dog was made of what we call a ‘proper sausage’ and the kids seemed to enjoy the pizza and chips. We did have a bit of a wait in the hot food queue but we went on an extremely busy day so just plan in advance. We loved that the food trays etc are all 100% compostable and so Crocky Trail is doing its bit for the environment. If you have an allergy, signs ask you to discuss this with staff before making your purchase. 

There were a good number of picnic benches dotted around and the teenagers returned and enjoyed their picnic high up in the treehouse! Why didn’t we think of that? Toilets are clean and there are plenty of them so no big queues but the signs directing us to the facilities were tricky to spot as they blended in with the slide’s frame. 

Hint and tip: The trail takes longer than expected as the kids quite rightly want to have a go at EVERYTHING so get this done either after lunch or have lunch on the go by packing a range of snacks. There is not hot food during weekday visits if you visit outside of the school holidays. 

One of their absolute favorites, trying to tackle the ‘cow’ on the Buck and Bronco

Fed and watered we checked out the other attractions. Again the teenagers ditched us but we had a fantastic time going down the slides. We loved that depending on the child’s confidence, the height and steepness varies depending on the slide they select. The CIWK was a little apprehensive at first but then we just kept hearing ‘Again, Again’. 15 slides later we all enjoyed trying to catch the flying balls, played a spot of cricket, laughed as we wobbled on the ‘Magic Mushroom’ and bounced around trying to attack the cow on the Buck n Bronco. CIWK, the 4 year old and the 8 year old loved ‘The Titanic’ whereby you basically try and hold on for as long as you can whilst you ascend higher and higher before losing grip and sliding back down. CIWK and the 4 year old were one of the first to slide but the 8 year old did amazingly well. Staff do man some of the attractions, checking the wrist band colours for safety reasons. 

A few areas are designed to be accessible by siblings of different ages. 

As you can see, the younger 2 managed to get involved in their day out better than expected. For the older kids above the age of 4, there were obviously a greater range of activities but Crocky Trail inform you of this on their site. The Teenagers enjoyed the trail, especially the parts that involved mud and water, the giant steep slides, tackling the punch bag and Titanic. There was also a large super bowl spinning disc, flying saucer, rotating barrel, its a knockout and more. The young teenagers when questioned said they loved everything about Crocky Trail and cant wait to go back. They especially loved the tree houses to eat snacks in.

Having fun trying not to go ‘on our bums’. 

So to conclude, yes Crocky Trail definitely is a fantastic adrenaline fuelled family day out in Cheshire, where the kids can go off on an adventure and get some fresh air. Adults can also join in the fun, and some provision has been made for children below the age of 4. All kids were exhausted by the end, a key sign that they had a fantastic time. Therefore, we were in agreement that at £15 for children over 5, £10 for limited access passes for adults, and free for kids under 5, Crocky Trail is well worth the money as a treat. Take the wellies and enjoy the mud and puddles. Don’t worry if you get caked though as there are wash facilities. ENJOY! 

Final hint and tip: If possible, wear long sleeved tops and trousers as there are a fair few nettles dotted around. 

Fun catching and throwing the balls before enjoying a spot of cricket

Additional information:

*Dogs welcome on leads. 

*Staff are highly visible with jackets on if you need assistance.

*This review is based on our own experiences and are our own opinions.

 *We therefore can not guarantee that your experience will be the same as ours and this article should be treated as a review and not a recommendation.

*All information is correct to the best of our knowledge. If there are any inaccuracies, please contact so that this can be amended.

*We took another adult with us and we are confident that this represents a factual and unbiased review. 


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