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The Curiosity Den

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Passionately Curious about Learning


My approach is simple, I want to provide the best experience for the children in my care. I believe that whilst teaching the basics, (A-Z, 1-10 etc) that teaching children about the world is just as important.
I do not put a limit on the children’s learning, they are listening and watching everything, absorbing all around them.

I was originally called Jessie’s Jelly Tots as I wanted a name that sparked fun and excitement. Through the years I have grown in wisdom and experience and decided upon a name that represented who we are today, we became The Curiosity Den.
Our approach at the den is providing an environment which shows all the wonders of the world, this can be as simple as providing a child with a snuggle or taking them on an adventure for exploration. I believe in providing children with depths of experiences especially those which entails the imagination to come alive, curiosity in everything, to ask the questions ‘why?’…….. always!!!

I work with an assistant, my brother. The best addition to my team and business I could possibly imagine. The children’s enthusiasm and willingness to dive in comes with his youthful approach to activities. Between the two of us we provide a fantastic depth of knowledge, opinions, different views of the world and creativity.
Nathaniel and myself have the same beliefs, morals and groundings on everything that matters. We want to teach the children about how our footprints on the world matter.

The children at my setting participate in meditating, yoga, dancing, cooking, playing music and simply laughing…… why? Because these things are good for the mind, heart and soul.
I have a wide range of resources, with the majority being as open ended as possible to encourage the children to think deeper, play deeper. The setting is constantly set up to meet the next steps of the children who attend. We source products that don’t make a big impact on the earth so they are mainly natural, vintage, second hand, authentic materials.

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