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CHRISTMAS COMPETITION – To be drawn on 29th November 2019

Countdown to Christmas, fun with Santa’s Elves……..
No glitter, no ingredients, no prep the night before…..
JUST imaginative, magical, festive fun!!
It’s a Christmas countdown experience that memories are made of…..

Do the Elf Advent Challenge at home with your child. 

If you want your child to have the most magical December AND you want to make the most of this magical time of year for them whilst they are young, then all you need is The Elf Advent Challenge and your child will have a guaranteed magical 5 minutes of festive Elf fun, at home, every day in December!!

  • No need to remember to hide the Elf every night…..
  • No waste, chocolate or plastic; an environmentally friendly advent calendar solution…..
  • No hours searching for ideas for where to put your Elf….
  • No Facebook envy looking at other families festive activities in December….

All you need is fun, imagination and Christmas spirit!!

So how does the Elf Advent Challenge work?

Tiny the Elf will beam in from the North Pole to your family.
Tiny Elf is head elf challenge master in the North Pole and he is responsible for training up all new Elflets (the name for a young Elf-to-be!)
He will lead your child through fun filled elf training with a different, imaginative, fun challenge every day during each week of advent.
All challenges require are imagination and Christmas spirit. Sometimes children may need to gather some objects from around the home, but these will be minimal, easy to access and common house hold objects (such as toys, cushions or dry trash, paper and pens). So you will not need to prepare anything, have a big space or buy expensive ingredients. You will also not have a huge mess to clear up afterward!
Each week follows a different Elf theme;
  • Week 1 your challenges are all about toys
  • Week 2 challenges teach you Elf skills about sorting presents
  • Week 3 contains exciting Reindeer themed tasks
  • Week 4 is about how Elves prepare for Christmas Eve!

So what is the Clued in with kids competition prize?

Elf Advent Challenge has kindly donated three challenges completely free to our Clued in with kids members. This means that we will have one winner in EACH of our Clued in with kids regional groups i.e. 



Each advent challenge is worth £20 (which equates to less than £1 per day). 

Your free enrollment will bring:

  • 24 daily videos from Tiny the Elf, giving the child a fun filled Elf challenge for them to complete.
  • 3 part instalments of ‘Story-time with Pumpaa Elf’ reading the Christmas storybook ‘Sprout’s Elf Adventure Challenge’ These are 3 extended videos for use on day 6, day 12 and day 18.
  • BONUS special message from SANTA HIMSELF on Christmas Eve; congratulating the children on completing their successful Elf training, crowning them honorary Elf status and wishing them a Merry Christmas.
  • Printable Elf Advent Challenge certificates which can be printed and presented to children on Christmas Eve along with Christmas eve boxes, treats or gifts left from the Elves. (optional)

All videos can be accessed through a secure, online portal, which can be accessed through your phone, tablet, laptop or smart TV.

How do we enter the Competition?

To enter, simply

  1. Find this post in the announcement section of either Clued in with kids Cheshire, Clued in with kids Liverpool and Merseyside or Clued in with kids North Wales.
  2. In the comments section, tag a friend who’s family you feel would be interested and
  3. write a comment about what you are most looking forward to this Christmas

There are only 3 days to enter. Winner drawn on Friday 29th November.



If we don't win this time, how can we purchase the challenge?

We will be sent a promotional code for members who want to get involved and once we reveal this, simply head to

Winner will be announced in the facebook groups and by personal message on Friday the 29th. 

Additional terms and conditions

Winner to be drawn at random on 29th Nov 2019 and will be notified on the facebook groups and via personal message. 

The competition is not affiliated with facebook in any way, 

Winner must accept the prize within a sensible amount of time or winner will be redrawn. 

Only entrys on an ORIGINAL Clued in post will be considered. Comments on friends timelines and groups not associated with Clued in with kids will not be accepted. 


Image copyright belongs to Elf Advent Challenge for use by CIWK.

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