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Clued In With Kids Review - Ysgol Goedwig Nant Y Glyn Forest School

Clued In With Kids Review – Ysgol Goedwig Nant Y Glyn Forest School

Ysgol Goedwig Nant Y Glyn Forest School 

Honeysuckle Lane, Colwyn Bay, LL28 5YR

We decided that we wanted a little respite from the sunshine but also wanted to get outside and enjoy some fresh air as a family. Therefore, what better option than to head out to Ysgol Goedwig Nant Y Glyn Forest School for a fun filled family day out?

Located in Colwyn bay, this family run Forest School provides a peaceful and relaxing woodland setting where families can switch off from technology, get away from the hustle and bustle, and go off on an adventure in the woods.

We attended the ‘Family fun in the forest’ session which typically runs once a month on a Sunday. When we arrived, it was clear to see that the session was going to be relaxed and informal as we were warmly welcomed around the camp fire and given a hot drink of either tea, coffee or hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was cooled perfectly to suit our toddler and of course, she devoured it. Yum!

After introductions, Greg then talked us all through the purpose of the sessions which is to provide children and their grown ups with a fantastic outdoor space to run around and explore, whilst teaching them all about the natural world. He asked the children to discuss the potential hazards of exploring a woodland such as not eating berries, how to be mindful of where our little feet venture, how to stay safe around the fire etc. He basically covered all of the valuable lessons that all parents and carers want their children to know.

Each session runs slightly differently but today as an ice breaker, the kids played stuck in the mud. Greg and Delyths children were amazing, especially their eldest daughter who kept letting our little girl tag her, and kept an eye on her to help her get involved. Greg ensured the kids all took turns being the one to tag.

Children were then free to explore or get involved in the activities. There was no pressure at all to participate as free play is encouraged. Activities included climbing trees, charcoal drawings with charcoal made on the camp fire, tree climbing, making Mexican eyes, playing with clay, and more.

Most of you know our toddler by now. You know how she loves to get messy. Well today was no exception as she had a marvellous time in the mud kitchen. She had a bucket of mud, a potato masher and splish, splash, splosh uh oh! Mud all over her face. Clean her up then off she runs back to the mud kitchen to repeat with a huge smile. She was certainly proud of herself.

Another favourite activity of hers was to swing in the hammock with Greg and Delyths kids who again were so amazing with her, showing her how to sit in the hammock safely. She started off scared but after reassurance from the other children, she loved it so much we couldn’t get her out! Some of the daddies also enjoyed a rest in the hammock as lunch was being cooked.

Lunch was all cooked on the camp fire. Lunch options vary but today ours consisted of hot dogs, salad, and pasta with a herby tomato sauce. Lunch went down a treat with many of us having seconds. We were all then invited to toast marshmallows which of course we all loved, and then after a little more free play, the session ended in a lovely way with Greg teaching the children about the dangers of leaving a fire unattended. We all took turns pouring water on the fire and sharing what we enjoyed about the day, with many of the children commenting that they enjoyed playing with their friends. It was really light hearted and great to hear.

Ysgol Goedwig Nant Y Glyn Forest School practice what they preach with regards to looking after this precious space as they have a compost toilet (don’t worry there is a toilet seat) and rubbish is kept to a minimum, most of it biodegradable which is then removed from site.

The family sessions are easy to book, simply call or email. Instructions are emailed in advance with directions and advice on what to wear/bring. Sessions cost £9 per person and include lunch and refreshments. Kids under 3 go free with two paying adults.

Have a birthday coming up? Parties are also available with themes such as magical witches and wizards, pirates ahoy, and the enchanted land of fairies and pixies.

Ysgol Goedwig Nant Y Glyn Forest School thank you for welcoming Clued in with kids today. We were looked after from start to finish and due to the relaxed nature, we truely felt like one big family. Your session was just what the doctor ordered, forcing us to switch off and relax whilst our little one enjoyed running around to her hearts content and developing important skills. The children she explored with were exceptionally kind and considerate, and your daughters are a real credit to you. As a result, our little girl didn’t stop smiling. Your eldest even fed her so that she would get some goodness in her tummy. Our little tike got a lot out of her session today and what a fantastic early memory of a woodland experience for her! Your sessions provide the perfect opportunity for kids to explore in a natural environment, use their imaginations, develop their social skills as they interact with other children, and just enjoy being kids!

Our hints and tips to members considering attending a session:
1. Do follow the advice given. You will go down a narrow bridle path and so it’s important to wear the long trousers and sleeves advised. Pack wellies if walking along the bridle path after rainfall. It will get wonderfully muddy.
2. Bridle path is unsuitable for buggies as its narrow and uneven.
3. Look for a gate that says “private’ and stick to the left, follow it round to the right and then you are there.
4. To book onto a session, email

To keep up to date with more reviews, local events and ideas for days out, head to your local Clued in with kids group.

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Additional terms and conditions:

*This review is based on our own personal family experiences and our own opinions.

*The event is run by a business that is not owned or endorsed by Clued In With Kids and so their activities are subject to change at their own discretion.

 *As a result of the above we can not guarantee that your experience will be the same as ours and this article should be treated as a review and not a recommendation.

*All information is correct to the best of our knowledge. If there are any inaccuracies, please contact so that this can be amended.

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