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Creative inspiration in a box – KRAFTY MONKEYS CRAFT BOX REVIEW

Creative inspiration in a box – KRAFTY MONKEYS CRAFT BOX REVIEW

Krafty Monkeys came to our rescue this month. After months of racking our brains on how to keep madam entertained due to lockdowns, we were saved with the arrival of this fantastic and well thought out Valentine’s themed Krafty Monkeys box, sent to keep her hands busy. I must admit due to us working full time, the box was a God send as it gave us a days respite regarding thinking up new things to do.

Although Valentines day is over, we thought we would share our experience as Mother’s day and Easter are just around the corner. If you are on the look out for some creative ideas to celebrate, Krafty Monkeys are currently taking pre-orders for these boxes right now, details of which are at the end of this review. 

A little about Krafty Monkeys

Krafty Monkeys is a local business located on the Wirral.  The business was created using their own children as inspiration. Krafty Monkeys are passionate about exploring crafts with their own little ones, as they believe that spending time completing crafts is perfect to really learn about each others personalities. After collaborating with local businesses to create something special, Krafty Monkeys now work hard to put together monthly fun and educationally themed craft boxes for children between 3 and 7 years old. Items are sourced from local suppliers to support other independent businesses, and there is no monthly subscription so you can just treat yourselves as and when a box takes your fancy.


After previously enjoying a Krafty Monkeys box over Summer, the joy on our girls face when she saw the box wrapped in brown paper and string was priceless.

So what goodies were in our box?

After previously enjoying a Krafty Monkeys box over Summer, our girl instantly recognised the box and her eyes lit up in excitement. Of course, she wasn’t disappointed. The first words out of her mouth were “Mummy I love surprises and this is a really good surprise”. 

The contents of each box reflect the monthly theme. This month we received a sweet cone and love hearts…. which of course she dived into first. To make a hanging heart decoration we received beads, ribbon, and pipe cleaner. To make a trinket box we received a cardboard box from Hobbycraft, paints, coloured tissue, glue and sticky gems. We also received a laminated hearts and arrows game, a felt heart with a magnet attached with pipe cleaners and stickers to make a ‘love bug’, plus the usual felt tip pens, crayons, a paint brush, and some images to colour.

EVERYTHING you need is present and prepped for you.

All materials were supplied in neat containers, in the right quantities, and with a little extra to spare. This was ideal as it saved the hassle of buying and prepping items individually ourselves, and avoiding waste. Everything came ready to go and create so there was no scrambling round looking for bits and bob’s like brushes and glue.

Sweet tooth satisfied, she started on the hanging heart. She loved this and it was a great activity to encourage and develop her concentration and fine motor skills. Upon completion we were instantly met with “Mummy can we do another one?” She was really engrossed and engaged with her masterpieces.

She chose to paint her heart trinket box next, really excited that she could put things in there for her dolly. The stickers were small which was great again to encourage fine motor skills like her pincer grip, patience and self expression.

She loved her love bug as its “cute”, and she helped it fly about the room, landing on dolls and making them fall in love and get married. However she made it perfectly clear on many occasions that she is NEVER getting married or have babies! No grandkids for us then?

What was our verdict?

When we asked her what her favourite thing about the box was she replied “I love paints and stickers and getting messy and gluing”.

From a parents perspective we loved the helpful videos on social media which showed how to assemble the crafts and get the most out of each activity. We feel that at £11.99 per box (or 2 for £20), the price is right as we loved that there was no prepping to be done by ourselves. Everything was good to go, in the right amounts and the activities were pitched at the correct difficulty level for the age range the boxes are designed for. We also love the fact that since it comes in a handy box, making it transportable so its ideal to take with you on the go.

Practicing pencil control trying to colour in the lines. 

The only way we felt the boxes could be improved would be to perhaps include a little card for the kids to design their own Valentine’s card. Also in the box we received over Summer we loved the challenge sheets that differentiated the activities so it would be great if each box received something similar.

How can we get our hands on a box?

Krafty Monkeys are taking pre-orders for their Easter box (£15.99) with activities including making your own Easter egg hunt, and their March box which is Mother’s Day themed (£14.99) where you can make a wonderful memory jar. Full details of what to expect in each box can be found here:  

Free local delivery is available or £3 for postage and packing elsewhere in the UK. 

A bespoke party service is also available, based on your child’s theme.

Thank you Krafty Monkeys for such a fun filled activity box. She loved every minute and it was great to see her learn through play and demonstrate self expression. We can’t wait to see what exciting packages you put together in the future.

Business links for Krafty Monkeys

Instagram @krafty_monkeys 



Terms and conditions

*We have written up our review in good faith, based on our own experiences and perception of the box.

*The box was gifted to us in order to write an honest review of the product. 

Mini beast box from Summer encourgaing kids to get outdoors and explore nature. This was a  huge hit when we were still allowed outside play dates. 

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