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Imagine That! Science And Discovery Centre

Imagine That! Science And Discovery Centre



Looking for things to do in Liverpool? Why not explore the many different areas below including the imagination village, construction site, art area, water area and science zone.

Key areas include:
*Science Area – Be blown away in the Woosh! Zone…
Home to the Science Lab and amazing workshops including slime, bath bombs, snow and of course legendary science shows. Outside of the Lab there’s a world of science to explore…experiment with wind, electricity, magnets and light From the giant scarf blower to bicycle generators, from giant bubbles to flash shadows…who ever thought science could be so much fun!!

*Imagination Village – For those who like to stretch their imaginations. Spend the day wandering around the various shops. Whether you prefer to be a customer or assistant there’s a role for everybody in the Imagination Village…start you journey at the pedestrian crossing then enter a world of imagination. Shops include a Pizzeria, Pet Rescue, Salon, American Diner, Supermarket, Car Wash, Newsroom, Theatre with stage and backstage dress-up area, Story Tree. This area offers a fantastic space in terms of imaginative play and for child and parent to discuss potential career interests.

*Construction Area – Budding engineers can show off their construction skills. Put on your hard hats and hi-viz vests and get to work in the construction site…there’s a busy project underway and builders are required to push wheelbarrows, operate cranes and use the pulleys and conveyor belts to move the bricks. Not far away is the sand area with diggers and other construction tools…but be careful not to disturb the dinosaur bones hidden in the ground!.

*Art Area- A creative area for messy hands-on fun. A zone for the inspired young artist so be prepared for some colourful fun. With ever changing themes our craft table provides creations to suit all tastes. From pirate costumes to princess hats, super heroes to exotic flowers. Be sure to stop at the magnet table where you can choose from hundreds of designs including robots and princesses; choose your design, make it from plaster and when it sets, come back and paint it. They will look fab on your fridge. For the bolder artist there is the paint the car section. Here kids can add their own designs to a real car!

*Water Area – Make a splash. Turn on the pumps, fill the buckets and have a splashing good time. There’s simple water play for the younger ones and of course an old favourite, Pan for Gold. Be warned…there’s a good chance you’ll get wet and an outside chance you’ll get soaked!

With so much to see and do, Imagine that! makes for a fantastic fun-filled family day out with the kids in Liverpool and Merseyside.

Additional information:
*Parking nearby.

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