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International Slavery Museum

International Slavery Museum


The international Slavery Museum is the only museum of its kind where visitors can learn all about the historical and contemporary aspects of slavery, and how human rights laws have changed as a result of the slave trade.

Located only yards away from the dry docks where 18th century slave trading ships were repaired and fitted out, the museum will take visitors on a journey back in time to explore three key themes:

1. Explore the lives of people living in West Africa. Learn about the African culture and their achievements before the arrival of the Europeans.
2. Learn about how the West African people were enslaved and the brutality experienced by some as they were forced away from their homes. Learn about the trauma experienced when they reached new lands and went to work on the plantations. Why were these people were treated like an every day commodity? Why did not all of the enslaved migrants survive the journey?
3. Explore the impact of transatlantic slavery on human rights laws today, and social issues such as racial discrimination. Learn about key movements and leaders such as the work of Martin Luther King Jr.

To make the visit more educational and interactive, families can download the celebrating sound activity trail, where they can go on the hunt for key artifacts and even make noises that sound like some of their favorite animals.

A visit here is truly educational and will compliment the curriculum taught at school. So when looking for things to do with kids in Liverpool, why not go on a historical journey to the International Slavery Museum?

Additional information:
*There are some aspects to the museum that young children and adults may find distressing to learn about.
*Free entry. Donations welcome.

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