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Quarry bank Mill And Styal Estate, National Trust

Quarry bank Mill And Styal Estate, National Trust


Looking for things to do with kids in Cheshire? Why not explore one of Britain’s greatest industrial heritage sites?

Learn all about Samuel Greg’s innovative plans to get involved in the rapid industrialisation of the cotton industry. Learn what it would be like to work long and dangerous shifts in the mill. Experience the machines roar back to life once more and feel the tremor beneath your feet as they do. Imagine working here with all of the machines running. What would it be like to work in these conditions? The top floor of the mill has a variety of activities for children to get involved with including props to act out some of the child apprentice’s stories, helping encourage imaginative play and bringing history to life.

Families will enjoy exploring the picturesque and colourful gardens, which provide plenty of space for children to run around and explore. Climb the steps for some impressive views of the Mill and the Greg’s family home.

By contrast, take a guided tour of the Apprentice House and step into the lives of the pauper children who worked in the mill, some as young as eight years old. Learn about their living conditions, how they slept, the importance placed upon their education and the different types of education received depending on their gender.

Finally, take a gentle stroll to Styal village and walk in the footsteps of Quarry Banks workforce to see how many of the other workers lived. Take a tour of the worker’s cottage so you can fully appreciate the stark differences in lifestyle between owner and worker. Families can also explore Styal woods. The trip to Styal village and woodland is dog friendly.

Quarry Bank Mill has something for all ages, providing an exciting family day out in Wilmslow.

Additional information:
*Timed guided talks are available. Tours to the worker’s cottage are limited so best to book when you arrive on the estate.
*Most areas are accessible for wheelchair and pram users with some maneuvering.
*There’s also a natural play den.
*Car parking fee applies to non-national trust members.

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