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Easy Easter Crafts for kids, by Kids Craft Zone

Easy Easter Crafts for kids, by Kids Craft Zone

Eggs, bunnies, chicks and chocolate… just some of the things that spring to mind when we think about Easter.

There are so many fabulous ideas out there but we appreciate that not everyone has the craft cupboard that we do and/or the time and energy to prep an elaborate activity that takes longer to clean up than it actually occupies the kids for!

Crafts are great for a child’s development as they encourage creativity and concentration as well as developing those all important fine-motor skills.

So with all that in mind here at ids Craft Zone we’ve compiled a range of simple to create crafts that mainly use resources you are likely to already have around the house, or resources that are easy and cheap to pop out and buy but with the same creative results!

Salt painting patterned eggs

So much fun to explore the colours spreading and blending.

  • Squeeze PVA glue to create an egg shape and then decorate with zig-zags, spots, swirls or whatever pattern you fancy.
  • Pour salt onto the glue and then tip paper to shake off the excess.
  • Using watercolour paints touch the salt with the paintbrush and watch the colours spread!

Cotton wool bunnies

Super cute and you can create one for each of the family.

  • Draw a simple bunny outline and stick a photo of your kid’s cute face onto it.
  • Cover the rest of the bunny with cotton wool balls.
  • Make paint footprints for the feet and ears and outline with more cotton wool balls.

Egg paint splat canvas

If you’re not afraid to get messy- we’ll definitely be trying this one!

  • Save your left-over eggshells and gently wash them.
  • Fill with paint- the more colours, the better.
  • Throw eggs at a canvas or a large piece of cardboard will do.
  • Oh, don’t forget to do this one outdoors!

Mini marshmallow bunnies

Buy plenty- if your kids are like mine they won’t all make it to the paper!

  • Using glue if you’re not planning on eating it, or melted white chocolate if you are, create a bunny face outline.
  • Place the marshmallows around the outline and complete with eyes, nose and whiskers.

Paper plate chick sewing

Great for developing hand-eye co-ordination.

  • Pop holes through a paper plate in an oval shape.
  • Tie a knot at one end of the yellow wool/string.
  • Sew across the oval shape in different directions.
  • Once all holes have been used tie in the loose end at the back.
  • Complete with eyes, beak and wings.

We would love to see your photos

If you do try any of these out then we would love to see your photos- tag us on Facebook @kidscraftzone or email to and if all else fails then book onto one of our pop-up craft workshops running across the Wirral! 

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