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Enjoy some fun on the farm at Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm -  Clued in kids review.

Enjoy some fun on the farm at Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm – Clued in kids review.

After partly growing up on a Cheshire farm, we were excited to be invited along to Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm to feedback about all of the activities on offer to keep kids entertained this summer.

Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm is located in Ormskirk, around 15 miles North of Liverpool. Open seven days a week, this working farm has activities suitable for children of all ages due to a recent expansion. We put them to the test with two toddlers and a seven year old during the Summer school holidays.

When we arrived it was just our luck that the heavens decided to open. However, there are multiple activities to keep the kids entertained and dry on a rainy day.

We started off indoors to whizz down the slides and have a race on the electric pedal cars before convincing our little speedsters to explore the soft play area. Toddlers have a separate section consisting of soft blocks, slides, ramps, steps and nets, perfect for toddlers to run around and for babies to practice key skills like pulling themselves up. Ours loved playing in the tunnel and pretending the floor was ‘lava’.

For children between 4 to 12 years there is a giant twisting slide, rollers, more nets etc, great for expelling some energy.

Still raining and so we headed to the sheltered animal barn for one of the timetabled activities, stroking the Guinea pigs. Christine was fantastic with the kids, praising them for being so gentle and helped the kids get involved. She shared useful information about what animals eat and taught children how to handle them correctly… perfect if families were considering buying a new furry pet. We then went to see the horses, Shetland Ponies, llamas, cows, ferrets, reindeer, baby chicks, baby pigs, and goats. Outside there were also sheep.

We watched both the ferret racing and milking demonstrations and both adults feel that Sam deserves a special shout out. He was incredibly knowledgeable, discussing animal welfare, adaptations that help them survive in the wild and more. For the milking demonstration Sam discussed the milking process, the importance of milk in our diets, and what farmers do with the milk. The two talks we saw were interactive and full of Q and A. Sam related back to the kids where possible e.g. discussing how a cows digestive system is different to a humans. Talks last less than 10 minutes with the option of stroking the animals after wards. We were impressed that even the toddlers sat infatuated with Sam and didn’t get restless. Unfortunately we missed grooming the Shetland ponies but its one to look forward to on a future visit. Christine quite rightly put animal welfare first, apologising to the kids that she was letting them have a rest if an animal became disinterested. 

With a break in the rain we headed to ‘Shaun The Sheep Adventure At Farmer Ted’s’, the only location in the UK where you will find Shaun the Sheep in permanent residence. The kids were made up to see Shaun the Sheep and his side kick Blitzer in one of several character meet and greets which run throughout the day. None of the children were rushed and despite the Clued in kid being apprehensive at first, staff helped her to relax so we got a happy high five and a smile.

Our seven year old decided to have some water fun and get soaking wet in Hog Splash where naughty pigs were spraying water all over the Pig Sty. The kids need to save as much water as they can, a great way of learning how to be conservative with our water use. Kids and adults then had a fantastic time exploring the tunnels in ‘Moley Moley’, getting creative in the ‘Mossy Bottom Craft’ tent, had a kick about, and practiced our archery skills.

We made some very happy memories on the Toboggan rides, an activity that the kids simply would not leave. We enjoyed a sing song on the free Tractor ride, got competitive during the eight sheep race, and then saw a magnificent feathery friend with a bird of prey demonstration (dates for the bird of prey demonstration are on Farmer Ted’s website).

All kids also enjoyed playing on the incredible play area divided into the appropriate ages. In Timmy’s tire tumbles there is a slide with tunnel for the toddlers, and an absolutely enormous climbing structure titled ‘Lamb’s Lamb-ding’ for the older children to explore, complete with twisting slide, ropes, bridges and climbing apparatus.

In the summer months there are two mazes to explore. Families can work together to escape from the seasonal maize maze in keeping with the Shaun the Sheep theme, or if you are a little low on time, there is a wooden maze where parents and carers can observe and guide the children through on the observation platform if required. We ran out of time on our visit but there is also a gigantic jumping pillow, a sand pit located within a tent to keep the rain off, agility trail, and pedal Go-Kart circuit. Children can also learn about how to be environmentally friendly and generate their own energy in Bitzer the dog’s Kinetic Club House. Children need to pedal to get the bull to snort, start up the fans and wake up Shaun the Sheep’s sleepy friend Shirley.

At 3pm and with two sleepy toddlers we decided it was time to head home for a nap. They had other ideas and spotted the pedal tractors which can be ridden indoors or outdoors, with a range of sizes to suit different ages. Time for the next activity then….

Thirty minutes later we try and leave again, nope! They find the indoor Reptile House and to be fair, we were pleased as we saw thousands of leaf cutting ants in action, lizards, snakes, spiders and more. Again a shout out needs to go to Sam. He heard our 7 year old getting really upset about missing out on the reptile handling session. Sam had no idea who we were or why we were there but off his own back finished his work and went to gather a snake for him to handle. The three were mesmerised and Sam even held it up next to the eldest to compare heights before bringing out a snakes skin. This kindness really made the day for him. Finally at 4pm, an hour after intended we were allowed to leave with three fully exhausted kids.

Moving on to food, there is a large indoor picnic space complete with some slides and tunnels or for hot food there’s Farmer Ted’s grill. Most toddler meals were £2 and were adequately sized to stuff their little tummies. However, the sausage could have been that bit bigger. For bigger kids, the meals were of a good size for £3.75 and the adults portion sizes were very generous. Meals include a range of wraps, sandwiches and burgers as well as home made specials. Staff ask to be notified of allergies at the time of order and food was served quickly. Whilst waiting, because the grill is next to the soft play area, the kids worked up an appetite and made their own entertainment.

In terms of entrance cost, during Summer months online prices for adults are £10.50, £13.25 for kids between 3 and 13 years, £7.75 for 1 to 2 year olds and babies under 1 go free. On the door prices are higher. Therefore, for a family of 4 it is a treat day but it is good value. We were here from 10am until after 4pm and didn’t participate in every activity as there’s so much to see and do.

The only niggles we could find were that there weren’t many animals to see in the fields during the tractor rides. However, families are advised online that due to good husbandry practices, this may be the case at certain times of the year, and after all, the tractor ride is free. Also the large ice cream looked the same size as the small ice cream when purchased from the van.

Thank you Farmer Ted’s Adventure Farm for a great day out with kids. There are plenty of animals to see in the barn and given it’s a working farm, you helped us to discuss where our food comes from, and the importance of the red tractor logo. The toddlers really enjoyed handling the animals, tractor ride and playing on the pedal cars. The seven year olds highlight was the ferret racing  and of course, the toboggan rides were a huge hit with all. The farm didn’t get busy so there were no big crowds and even the adults could get involved.

Additional information:

*Barrel rides and electric pedal tractors cost £1 per person per ride.

*This review is based on our own experiences and are our own opinions.

 *We therefore can not guarantee that your experience will be the same as ours and this article should be treated as a review and not a recommendation.

*All information is correct to the best of our knowledge. If there are any inaccuracies, please contact so that this can be amended.

*We took another family with us and we are confident that this represents a factual and unbiased review. 

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