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1295 takes you back to life in the heyday of the castles, when you’ll find out how people lived during medieval times.

The castle will be transformed into a medieval encampment for knights, archers, craftsmen, craftswomen and much more. The castle jester will roam the grounds, entertaining you with his amazing skills and dangerous stunts – sure to amaze and make you laugh! There’ll be archery displays, armour and weapon talks, and medieval clothing displays; and the day will culminate in a battle of the knights to gain control of the castle.

There’ll also be bird of prey displays, where you can see the birds fly and learn how they were used during medieval times for hunting. There’ll be a chance to hold one of these magnificent birds too. Plus crafts for children, where they can make owl masks to take home, and an education area where you can dissect an owl pellet and learn even more about these amazing birds.

Kids under 3 go free

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