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CarFest is a place to have a great time doing great things. Founded by Chris Evans, it’s a super-charged weekend, packed full of happiness, kindness, and honesty. It’s about making more marvellous memories for families.

In preparation for CarFest 2019, Chris has been in the Boardroom with his toughest critics, ‘the CarFest Kids Panel’ and they’ve helped us create a host of fabulous new things for you and your family to do this year!

There is also a kids kingdom….a place of fun and adventure created for kids, by kids… they’ve discovered a junkyard and built a town based on one rule: have fun and adventures! No matter what their age (or yours!), there’ll definitely be plenty to keep them occupied and entertained throughout the weekend There’s skate trials and workshops, Dick and Dom and a wooden fortress.

In 2019, all profits from CarFest, including a guaranteed 25% of the price of each ticket, will be donated to UK Children’s Charities.

To purchase tickets please visit

Kids under 5 go free. Adults £69. Children £16 based on Fridays prices.

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