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Half Term Puppet Shows

In this immersive and interactive puppetry and storytelling performance you will meet and work with characters from Roman Britain.

With two 30-minute puppet shows at 11am and 12pm, and hands-on activities happening in between, it’s a great chance to learn about Buxton in Roman times.

Imagine it is the 2nd century in the Peak District and our Roman soldier is about to retire from the 3rd Cohort Bracara Augusta. He is planning to use his savings go in to business with his best friend, a local Corieltavi tribe member and popular local jeweller.

But they’ve lost their hoard, and need help with some ‘get rich quick’ ideas to raise money fast. Perhaps a pottery repair studio, jewellery design shop, or a spot of gaming with knucklebones? Can you help them?

If you have any questions, access requirements or requests, we’d be happy to help. Please call 07881 40 60 59
or email

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