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Free events but usual admission charges apply.

July 28th – August 2nd: National Whale and Dolphin Week

All day: Whale and dolphin quiz (available from admissions)
11am: Eggbox whales and dolphins
2.30pm: Dolphin bookmarks

August 3rd: Beach Clean at 2pm

August 4th-9th: National Marine Week

All day: Marine week quiz (available from admissions)
11am: Bottlecap fish tank
2.30pm: Pool noodle pirate ships

August 11th-16th: Shark Week

All day: Shark quiz (available from admissions)
11am: Origami Mr Sharky
2.30pm: Fossil dig

August 18th-31st:

11am: Make your own scallop!
2.30pm: Fingerprint animals

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