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Join us for our iconic spectacular Fireworks event that will dazzle and delight. Every year, we welcome families and thrill seekers of all ages to the UK’s biggest Fireworks display, staged here at Alton Resort and set against the picturesque Towers backdrop!

Set to be our biggest display yet, the show will use a combination of dramatic fireworks never seen before in the UK and ground-breaking special effects, as well as bespoke music, live action and pyrotechnic elements.

Join Sir Algenon, Alton Towers’ own time travelling adventurer, on his latest quest and embark on an unforgettable journey to discover what is truly behind the ‘Power of the Towers’.

The Resort has teamed up with World Champion display team Jubilee Fireworks, the UK’s most awarded fireworks company, to deliver their biggest display yet.

And remember, remember, this sensational event will be your last chance to experience our record-breaking rides and attractions before our 2019 theme park season comes to an end. What’s more, as the theme park stays open late for the fireworks display, you can even ride in the dark!


Tickets from £34 booked in advance.

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