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NORTH HILLS FARM, Rhydtalog Road, Graianrhyd CH7 4QS

Image credit: Clued in with kids

North hills farm is a small, family run, quaint little farm located in the heart of the North Wales countryside. We really enjoyed our drive through the beautiful picturesque villages singing along to the Pogues along the way. The farm is very clearly signposted, just follow the signs for the Christmas trees. When we arrived, our toddler was very excited to see the lovely Christmas lights and shouted “yey we’re here”. The owners have really helped to set the scene and make their outdoor space look beautiful.

Image credit: North Hills Farm


We walked down the gravel towards the Christmas trees and enjoyed sitting on the hay bales by the gorgeously decorated outdoor wooden cafe area to enjoy eating a mince pie, Christmas tree cake and a hot drink. There is a selection of home made baked treats and other hot or warm drinks but our top tip is to try the hot chocolate. We are fussy with hot chocolate but they were gorgeous. If you inform staff that it’s being given to a child, they add extra milk so its warm and not too hot. Last year her little face lit up when we gave her a try of ours and was disappointed when we ‘ran out’ so this year she got her own. They fill them to the brim too. A regular hot chocolate is £2.50 or for only £3.00 you can get cream and marshmallows. All cakes at the time of our review were either £1.00 or £1.50. 

Image copyright belongs to Clued in with kids. Our first trip here was in 2018 and it was the perfect activity to get the toddler out of the house.  We loved eating our treats on the hay bales.

A visit here isn’t complete without a hot chocolate. 

Image copyright belongs to Clued in with kids. Two best friends enjoying their sweet treats whilst making friends with another families adorable puppy! Dogs are welcome provided a common sense approach is taken near the herd and they are on leads. 

Next up, time to see the original Welsh Reindeer herd. The Reindeer have unique personalities but our favourite has to be Hugo, the largest and cheekiest of the herd. He’s also a fantastic poser so be sure to get a lovely photo as a keepsake.

Image copyright belongs to Clued in with kids. 

The reindeer can not (and would not) bite and are amazingly friendly so it’s a good idea to buy reindeer food at £2 from the little shop. Hugo is a greedy little chappie who basically sees a small child and thinks “Fooooooooood”. Staff were great with our toddler, helping her to use the food pans, coaxing reindeer over and even held her hand and walked her back to the little hut shop to the viewing platform to try to coax more reindeer when Hugo had had his fill. They also watched her for me by the reindeer when I needed to go and buy the food in the first place.

Just to note that especially on busy days the reindeer do get a little full. The safety and well-being of the reindeer is paramount and so sometimes  North Hills Farm pause reindeer feeding while they digest their food.

Image copyright belongs to Clued in with kids

Last year we left with a reindeer plush who had been called Hugo….that’s how much of an impression he left on us and it was nice to see him again this year. The other reindeer are beautiful too. We really liked the magnificent Sparkles. Domini who helps run the farm with her family is very proud of her herd as they are family pets, and is more than happy to share with our children facts about the reindeer, and discuss their personalities. Reindeer love coming down from the hills in the day to be with the children (and of course enjoy being fed by the children) and then all come back together to roam the hills when finished.

Image copyright belongs to Clued in with kids

The little shop contains a number of plushes and Christmas ornaments to purchase. Prices are reasonable and many items do look hand crafted out of wood. We picked up a little wooden reindeer and a Christmas block countdown for only £11.50. There is also a selection of childrens Christmas books, baubles and plush toys.  You can pay by cash or card. 

We absolutely love Hugo! Copyright belongs to Clued in with kids.

Both last year and this year we spent around thirty minutes at the farm. As Mr Clued in said, “It’s a great after school or weekend treat to go and see the reindeer, enjoy a yummy hot chocolate and home made treat, and as a family, select a Christmas tree”. Trees include varieties such as the Norway Spruce, Nordman Noble fir, Scotch pine, and Lodge pole pine.

Image copyright belongs to Clued in with kids. 


This tree will certainly keep busy toddler hands busy!

North Hills farm allows families to visit their incredibly well looked after beautiful reindeer herd, completely FREE, and we have been assured that this will not change since the family know how expensive events at Christmas can be for already stretched budgets.

Thank you North Hills Farm. You have created such a lovely, cosy and festive atmosphere. You have now formed part of our Christmas tradition and so and we look forward to seeing you again next year (or possibly before).

Image copyright belongs to Clued in with kids. 

Additional information:
*Season starts mid November and the 2019 season finishes at 4pm Christmas Eve.
*Every Thursday and Friday North Hills Farm have a later closing time of 8pm, ideal for an after school treat to celebrate the start of the holidays.
*Reindeer are available for select events e.g. Grotto visits, weddings, school visits. Reindeer have their own home comforts when traveling.

*A sling is advisable rather than a pram as it will be tricky to push on the surface.  There is also a steep hill by the reindeer so additional care is required for relatively new to walking toddlers. I fell on my bum last year 🙂 

*The opinions expressed in this review are purely our own and the article was written based on our own perception of our experience. Your experience may differ and so this article should be treated as our honest review and not a recommendation. 

*If any attraction, place of interest, restaurant or kids class would like to invite clued in with kids for a review, please contact them via 

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