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Getting our hair cut in style at The Scissor Psychologist, Aldford and Tattenhall, Nr Chester.

Getting our hair cut in style at The Scissor Psychologist, Aldford and Tattenhall, Nr Chester.

General information:

The Scissor Psychologist

Aldford Salon:  Green Lake Ln, Aldford, Chester CH3 6HW, 07889 249349

Tattenhall Salon: The clubhouse at Inspired Villages Gifford Lea, Frog Lane, Tattenhall, CH3 9DN, 07821 120554



Exterior of the salon in Aldford Nr Chester. 

Our experience at The Scissor Psychologist

The Clued in kid is a little hit and miss when it comes to having her hair cut so we know first hand how stressful the experience can be when your child just doesn’t want to play ball. Therefore, we thought we’d try somewhere new and report back to our members how staff at The Scissor Psychologist help to ensure the job gets done with as least fuss as possible.


The Scissor Psychologist has two fully equipped salons at Green Lake Barns in Aldford and Inspired Villages Gifford Lea in Tattenhall. We tried out their special offer of a kids hair cut for only £10. 


The Scissor Psychologist’s award winning team pride themselves on being passionate about the customer service they provide to all clients including our tiny mini me’s. Therefore, when we arrived we were greeted with a warm welcome from Mel. Our girl was then given the opportunity to sit in the blue Audi so she could have her hair cut in style and was provided with a Disney Princess inspired robe to protect her clothes.

Mel was very accommodating as our girl, being in a new salon, didn’t respond well initially. This is to be expected as she was getting her hair cut (one of her least favourite activities) somewhere completely unfamiliar to her. Therefore, Mel was more than happy to respond to our girls needs, allowing me to be the one to spray her hair with water etc. When her mood declined further, Mel reassured me that there was no rush, and if the Clued In Kid needed a break then this wouldn’t be a problem. This helped to take the pressure off. During her time out Mel promptly brought biscuits and juice to help our girl relax and improve her comfort levels, whilst also helping to build a relationship with Mel. Mel also agreed to our girls request to cut her hair again but now with her on my knee. 

Shortly after this, our girl then relaxed properly and asked to go back into the car to play. Mel managed to complete the cut and style her hair, shaping it just as discussed around the front. After all the initial fuss, our girl started to enjoy her time here and when Mel finished she actually demanded ‘again’ so Mel was very good and just did a quick final check to play along. She also wanted to stay in the car for longer and again, we were told to take all the time we needed and let her enjoy a little play. Staff even let her brush the hair off the floor when they knew she liked brushing up! When we were about to leave, our girl was more than happy to pay for her services and was happy with her new hair do.

Thanks for being so patient with me….. and for the biccies! Here’s mummys card…. I’m good at spending on it! 

Thanks Mel and team for responding so well to her needs on our visit, working with us to help her feel more comfortable. You can tell that customer service is a huge priority for the salon as staff are patient and take their time with the little ones. The Clued in kid really liked having her hair cut in the toy car once the relationship with Mel had built up and for £10 we feel that the service offered for our little ones is good value for money. The salon was also spotlessly clean and there is ample parking outside. 

If you wish to book your little one (or yourselves) into The Scissor Psychologist, please click the link below to be taken to their Facebook page and booking information.

Terms and conditions

*This review is based on our own interpretation of our experiences and so we can not guarantee that you will have the same experience. 

*However, we have strived to ensure that this review is not biased and represents our honest opinion. 

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