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Baby Massage Tuition


Learn baby massage techniques and skills with me in the safe and supportive environment of your own home, based upon my 15 years of experience in Surestart Children’s Centres across Cheshire. Experience the very real benefits to you and your baby of baby massage. Gain confidence yourself, bond with your baby and learn how to relax together.
During the class you will learn not only about baby massage but also gain some basic knowledge of a range of other complementary therapies in order to treat your baby’s body, health and wellbeing holistically. You will learn how to wind your baby correctly and to relieve constipation.
In the classes all you need to do is follow my lead; with every move simply explained and clearly demonstrated by me on dolls and then practised easily and calmly by you, first on the dolls until you are competent, confident and skilled and then on your baby.
Suitable for babies from 2 weeks to crawling stage. Up to four family members may attend.

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