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Yoga with Kerry

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For mums and dads


As any parent will tell you, all the gazing down adoringly at our littles, carrying them when their little legs get tired and pushing prams and pushchairs endless miles really does a number on our necks, shoulders and backs.

I run Yoga classes focussing on neck, back and shoulders to release tension in these areas, helping get rid of headaches and pain, improving posture and building strength in core and back, and increasing energy levels.

These are gentle classes, you don’t need to have done yoga before, you definitely don’t need to be any kind of flexible (I’m not!), you can bring your little with you, breast -and bottle feeding is welcome, nappy changes expected.

You do need to be cleared by your dr to be able to join the class.

Also, it helps if you like tea and cake, because we like to hang about for a cup and a slice after the class.

I run group and private classes, location depends on the weather (yoga outside is great!) Classes are £6 each.

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