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How to have a fantastic sports day at home

How to have a fantastic sports day at home

Our little ones may not have had their usual end of Summer term celebrations including their annual sports day. 


With this in mind we have written this mini guide of activities you can complete either as a family, or with a small number of people outside in your own gardens or local field. There are also a few fun activities that rely on team work and so are great for improving communication skills.


All activities are really easy to complete and many require very little set up time. Suggested resources can be adapted to suit what you normally have at home in most cases. 


We hope you enjoy our ideas for a family sports day. Good luck! 

Track events:

*Water race – have a large container of water at one end of the garden and an empty container per participant at the other end. Set the timer and keep running to collect water to fill your bucket. Who has the most water at the end?


*Once I caught a fish alive – Fill a paddling pool or water play container with water and small toy fish with either a magnet attached* or laminated fishes with an uncoated paper clip attached. You also need a rod with a string line and again a magnet on the end. How many fish can you pick up in a certain time? If you have a large enough number for teams, each competitor lines up behind the other and after their team mate has caught a fish, pass the rod to the next team mate and repeat until all the fish have been caught. Which team caught the most? *See health and safety point below. 


*Egg and spoon race – We would preboil the eggs but if you really want to increase the challenge for the older kids and watch the funny range of looks on their faces to avoid getting egg on their face, why not just leave them uncooked. Potatoes and small balls can work instead of eggs. *See health and safety point below.


*Three legged race – stand side by side and use a scarf or something similar to tie person A’s left leg to person B’s right leg. If you are a family of three, the winner could compete with the one yet to race but time it to see which combination of people is the fastest.


*Space hopper race – no explanation needed. Grab a hopper and away you go! Always fun.


*Balance the bean bag race – use a tape measure to mark out a set distance and then as a family, place bean bags on your heads and try to balance them as you run to the finish line.


*Bin bag/pillow case/sac race – You know how this works. Step into anything that resembles a sac, make sure the ground is clear of obstruction as there will be a few tumbles, and tell them to jump like mad to the finish line.


*Wheelbarrow race – one of our all time favorites. Get person A on all fours. Person B lifts up their legs and person A uses their hands to try to move forwards and win the race.


*The crab – Position yourselves as though you are about to lie on your back but don’t fully lie down. Instead, place your palms on the ground and feet should also be firmly placed on the ground. Then simply crawl backwards.  

Field events:

*The obstacle course – set up some cones to run in between, a tunnel to crawl under, old tyres to step into, bean bags to balance on their heads as they run from one place to another, use logs to set up a balance beam, and get some wooden sticks pegged into the ground with some rope zigzagging for the kids to crawl or climb over depending on how high to tie the rope to the pegs. Anything goes and these are just a few suggestions but feel free to get creative with what you have at home. 


*Tug of war – adults versus kids – be nice? Maybe not!


*Frisbee or bean bag throw – Instead of the hammer throw why not see who can throw their Frisbee the furthest?


*Hula hoop competition – you may be surprised at who becomes the most competitive. Time how long it takes for the hoop to fall to the ground for each competitor.


* Long jump – You don’t need the sand. Just lay out a tape measure and mark off the jump point. Allow some space for a run up and jump.


*Triple jump – as above but this time in order to get to the jump point, you first need to step on to one foot, hop to the other, then jump….. or for ease just do a hop, skip and a jump!


*Speed bounce – how many jumps over an object can you complete within a minute?


*Foot golf – Place a pan or container on its side to act at the hole. Set the distance you want each competitor to kick from and give them 5 attempts. Alternatively, you could have 5 pans or containers spread out and five balls. The further the container the more points. How many points are scored after the five kicks. You could use some screwed up paper as a ball if you don’t have one.


*One minute kick up challenge – how many kick ups can you complete in one minute?

This post is sponsored by Small Eco Steps of Chester. Please click image above to be re-directed to their website. 

Other fun family activities:

*Dodgeball with water balloons – Get into pairs if you are a household of four or split into two evenly sized teams if you have more participants. In between the two teams who should form a horizontal line, place a row of filled and tied water balloons along this line. Ready, steady, go…… it’s a free for all, grab your water balloon, step back to your teams line and throw. Can you hit and soak someone on the other team?


*Tin can alley – Set up some clean and empty tin cans in a pyramid shape. Get all cans knocked over in as few a throws as possible. You can set this up as a team game or individually.


*The balloon challenge – Person A and B stand face to face. Place the balloon between Person A’s knees and without using their hands, they have to move the balloon up their bodies to their faces without popping the balloon. There’s three of you? Take it in turns and complete it as a timed challenge.


*Hot potato – arrange your family into a circle and throw in an object like a ball or scrunched up piece of paper. Pretend it’s a hot potato and so they have to throw it as quickly as possible. Who is unable to catch it? You could play to music and when the music stops, the last one to touch the ‘potato’ is out.


*Musical statues – We used to love this game growing up. Pop on your favourite tunes and see who flinches when the music stops.


*Get the water pistols out – run!

Family sports day prizes and rewards:

We recommend to keep it really simple.


  1. Most supermarkets sell small trophies and you could print off a simple certificate.
  2. An alternative to a plastic trophy, is to use sustainable wood to design your own little medals or trophies as an eco-friendly option.
  3. You could also give small prizes like gardening seeds to the winner which will be a great opportunity to continue the fun with a new activity outdoors.
  4. Don’t forget to treat the family to a nice sports day garden picnic…… you would have earned it.

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Additional terms and conditions plus additional safety information:

*If you are not cooking the eggs, please note that lion stamped eggs are safe to handle and consume raw just incase children do drop them. Also you may want to plan ahead for this yolky mess.

*Please take care when using small magnets as these pose a serious choking hazard for young children.

*We would recommend that there is ample space between each competitor and the routes are clear of obstruction due to the inevitability that one at least may take a tumble.

*All activities are completed at own risk and parents/carers should complete their own risk assessment and select activities they feel are appropriate for their families.  Clued in with kids can not be held liable for injury due to the above suggested activities. These suggestions are a guide only and it is the individuals responsibility to check up on the correct technique to  perform said activities. 

*If you are meeting with people outside your household, please follow the current guidelines regarding the Covid-19 pandemic in your council area in order to reduce your risk of infection.

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