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Laughter and thrills at the fair – A Clued In With Kids review for Liverpool Indoor Funfair

Laughter and thrills at the fair – A Clued In With Kids review for Liverpool Indoor Funfair

Tackle challenges head on with the Minions obstacle course. 

Address: Exhibition Centre Liverpool, King’s Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool,

L3 4FP


As we near the end of the Summer holidays, it can be difficult to find something different to entertain the kids. Therefore, we headed to Liverpool Indoor Funfair today to check out an alternative option to keep the kids busy.

The idea behind the indoor fun fair is simple but effective. Event co-ordinators have children themselves and so appreciate how expensive it can be to entertain the kids, especially with a visit to the fair. Normally three or four rides in and costs can escalate. Cue the tears and tantrums that may ensue when you finally have to say “sorry but no, we can’t keep buying more tokens”. Wouldn’t it be great if families could go to the fair, parents could pay one fee and the kids don’t feel the need to come back asking for more money? Well that’s exactly what a visit to Liverpool Indoor Funfair offers; unlimited rides for £10 per child and a whole three hours to enjoy them to their hearts content. Kids under three ride for free. Adults can join in the fun for £10 too.

Monster Jam was her favourite ride. She HAD to have a go on each car. 

With over twenty different attractions for kids to enjoy under one roof in Exhibition Centre Liverpool, there is something for all ages. Rides include but are not limited to dodgems, (or for smaller kids bumper cars), ghost train, fun house, tea cups, waltzer and mini waltzer, train, minion inflatable course, spinning on the Frog, and a Helter Skelter. There’s music, the venue lights are dimmed to make it bright and colourful, and staff work hard to ensure that the centre has an incredible atmosphere.

Race around Monaco on the dodgems or if you have a younger child, the bumper cars are a great option. The Clued in kid so longed to go on the bumpers. Next year we promise. 

As mentioned, all rides are included for £10 per person but for an additional fee, you can choose to visit one of the prize stalls such as whack a mole, penalty shoot out or one of the water based stands. The organisers are very fair with prizes as many stalls offer a prize every time even if you don’t win a big ticket item. For some stalls, you can either cash in your prize or collect prize cards, which can be exchanged for some of these higher value prizes if you gain enough cards.   

Optional extra: Whack a minion costs £1 to play. First of three to get 200 points wins a small prize. 

Numbers are controlled to prevent the exhibition becoming too busy.  As a result this meant that unless a ride had already started, we did not have to wait to board. This was fantastic as we can all get frustrated when queueing is involved. The rides are also spaced well apart so pram and wheelchair users can move about with ease. The toddler appropriate rides tended to all be grouped together too making things much simpler to navigate.

Are you feeling brave enough to travel the Roller Ghoster? 

The venue advised in advance that although the exhibition caters for families with siblings of different ages, the number of rides may be limited for toddlers. However, our goal was to see the centre in its entirety and yes, there is a huge variety of rides accessible for children from around the age of five plus, but to be fair, our two year old still managed to find enough to spend two hours here. Its easy for families to know which rides were suitable as there are detailed descriptions of age appropriate rides on their website and on the doors. Since toddlers ride for free and she still managed to fill her time effectively, we are confident that this event is a good choice when you have siblings of different ages. There’s nothing to lose in bringing under threes since they are not charged for.*

Fancy a 3D experience to Ice Palace? Or perhaps you just want to soar to new heights and enjoy spinning around and around?

We were fortunate enough to be invited along to one of the Autism events. Our toddler has not been diagnosed with autism but it was interesting as two teachers to see how sessions run. We noticed that the venue lights were on to avoid such a stark contrast between the attraction lights and the background, the usual music was off and noise was kept to a minimum. Rides were also slowed where possible and some of the ride lights were also dimmed. Although every effort has been made to make the experience more comfortable for people with additional sensory requirements, we would still recommend for some children to still bring their ear defenders as rides undoubtedly can sometimes be noisy due to friction. On the one ride where things did get a little too much for our toddler, staff stopped the ride immediately so she could disembark and get her mummy cuddle, good to know if your child does begin to feel uncomfortable on a ride and needs to get off instantly. At no point did we feel rushed in boarding any of the rides. Everything was done at the childs pace.

Food options all tie in with the funfair theme i.e. hot dogs, burgers, chips, freshly made donuts, candyfloss etc. We opted for a large hot dog which was made out of a proper sausage much to our satisfaction (£4) and a portion of chips (£3) which was enough for one adult and one toddler to share. Cans cost around £2. There were plenty of tables available to eat lunch.

Toilets were remarkably clean at the time of our visit and the baby change facilities were very spacious and bright. It’s nice to go to a fair and have clean facilities!

Moving forwards, as mentioned there’s plenty of space for prams but perhaps having a designated pram park and possibly some small lockers would mean that families don’t need to worry about moving the pram and bags around. Organisers are already looking at increasing the number of autism sessions in future.  

Will you get lost in the mirror maze?

So to conclude, our toddler had a fantastic time today and it was a great opportunity for her to sample a number of different rides with no worry about whether she will ‘waste’ tokens or money. If she didn’t like something, she simply tried something else. So when looking for some fun and excitement that will tire the kids out, why not get yourselves booked on to one of the last remaining dates and enjoy some fun at the indoor funfair? Be quick though as the exhibition finishes on 1st September! Time slots available are 10am until 1pm, 2pm until 5pm and 6pm until 9pm (with the exception of the 6 to 9pm slot on Sunday 1st September). You can pre-book tickets or pay on the door. 

Anyone fancy whizzing down the Helter Skelter? 

Additional information/terms and conditions:

*As pointed out, although toddlers under 3 are not charged for, for some rides they need the support of an accompanying adult. Any adult who rides is charged the one off fee of £10.

*This review is based on our own experiences and are our own opinions.

 *We therefore can not guarantee that your experience will be the same as ours and this article should be treated as a review and not a recommendation.

*All information is correct to the best of our knowledge. If there are any inaccuracies, please contact so that this can be amended.

*We took another adult with us and we are confident that this represents a factual and unbiased review. 

*Images belong to either Clued In With Kids or Liverpool Exhibition Centre for use by CIWK.


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