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Little Red Riding Hood Small World Play Scene

Little Red Riding Hood Small World Play Scene

This small world scene is kindly sponsored by Small Eco Steps, an independent retailer who prides themselves in providing fun, educational, inspirational and ethically sourced toys. Items can be posted throughout the UK.


Although we have used some items kindly donated to us from Small Eco Steps, these items are optional and we have given alternative suggestions if you don’t wish to buy specialist equipment. However, if you do like any of the items we have used, feel free to follow the hyperlink to be taken to the relevant pages on the Small Eco Steps website.

Equipment for Little Red Riding Hood Tuff Tray

* Little Red Riding Hood Wooden Character Set. You can either purchase the one we used from Small Eco Steps priced at £12 (click here), or print some characters using an online template and gluing to lollipop sticks. 

*Grandmothers house – We used a Tildo wooden house

*Either green card, green dyed pasta or artificial turf for the base

*Decorative leaves and pine cones

*Bridges – We used our Grimms rainbow.

*Tree toys or make your own from toilet roll holders and scrunched up green paper or use broccoli

*Glass pebbles to make a stream.

*Toy duck

*Log plaques

*Sticks from your woodland walk

*Woodland animals – we used Tender Leaf

*Optional – Tell Me a Story Sequencing Cards available if you click here for £12 

*Optional – Large play tree stump available by clicking here for £36 

Product review:

Little Red Riding Hood Wooden Character Set – Priced at only £12 for the set of four wooden characters, we felt this was affordable and really good value for money. The set was the perfect addition to our little red riding hood small world play scene and our little one loved re-enacting the story. She loved telling the wolf off and chasing him away! The fact the wolf is double sided to represent being dressed up in granny’s clothes was a nice touch! The characters are between 6cm and 10cm, easily cleaned and were great for self directed play.


For slightly older children, the Tell Me a Story Sequencing Cards would be a great addition to this set, helping to provide inspiration for them to retell this classic story in their own creative way. Our three year old had a go at this with some support from ourselves as facilitators.


The characters and tuff tray scene provided the opportunity to teach her about talking to strangers in a light hearted way, and about how to stay safe in the forest as we talked about how Little Red Riding Hood would cross the river, how she could avoid nettles, why she shouldn’t eat berries without checking with mummy or daddy etc.  We also discussed what she would do if she was Little Red Riding Hood as she contemplated how to outsmart the wolf.


To conclude, she loved playing with the characters on the tuff tray and they are designed in a manner that’s perfect for pre-schoolers to just grab, get stuck in and become engrossed in self-directed  and creative play.

Little Red Riding Hood Wooden Characters for storytelling. Available from Small Eco Steps of Chester by clicking here. Image credit belongs to Yellow Door who are the manufacturer of this product and many other fantastic educational toys.

Ideas for further play:

  1. Make finger puppet characters.
  2. Create a maize on the tuff tray using wooden building blocks or sticks. Can Little Red make it to granny safely?
  3. Make a wolf mask.
  4. Create a healthy breakfast for Little Red and her Granny.
  5. Talk about character traits e.g. devious, kind, sneaky and what these words mean. What actions suggest the character has these traits?

Additional information and terms and conditions:

*Please note that some items pose a choking risk for babies so if your child does have younger siblings, you may wish to substitute some items.

*We have used other items from a number of different retailers and we are always at the end of an email if you wish to ask us where we purchased the other items from.

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