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Escape room games for kids


Here at CodeBusters we specialise in creating ‘Escape Room’ style games for children that are packed full of problems to solve, codes to break and locks to unlock.
The games are all open plan (no locked rooms here) and are designed to feed your child’s imagination and help them to build on their logical thinking.
We offer games that are designed for 8 to 12 year olds (we recommend 4 children per game).

We are based in Wirral and we operate from a number of locations in Merseyside. We are always creating new games so there will always be a new mission to try!

All of our games are portable so if you would like a CodeBuster party, we can bring the whole experience to a location chosen by you.
Bespoke packages allow us to alter the difficulty level or the theme of a particular game so that it is perfect for your child.

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