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Review - Bouncing Around At Inflatabubble, Chester's New Inflatable Theme Park

Review – Bouncing Around At Inflatabubble, Chester’s New Inflatable Theme Park

In a nutshell....

📬 Location: Inflatabubble Theme Park, Catholic High School, Old Wrexham Rd, Chester CH4 7HS

📞Tel: 01244 940443

🌐Web link:

🖼Attraction type: Indoor Inflatable Theme Park

🕗Opening times: Open each weekend, bank holiday and school holiday from 10am until 5pm.

💷 Cost of admission: Toddler Time from 10am to 11am is £7.50. A one hour jump session for children and adults over the age of 4 years old is £7.50. A family ticket for a one hour session is from £28 depending on the size of the family.

💷 Prebook:  No but it is recommended to prebook in order to guarantee entry as Inflatabubble limit numbers to ensure that everyone has a great time.

🚗Car park: Yes. No charge to park.

♿ Wheelchair and pram accessible? There is space to store prams. See comment below regarding children with additional needs.

Walking difficulty: N/A

🐾 Dog friendly:  N/A

🚴‍♂️Suitable for cyclists: N/A

🚻Toilets: Yes

🌯Food: Yes see below.  

🕗Estimated visit duration: One hour

😷Covid update:  Reduced capacity. Equipment, tables and chairs are sanitised in between each session. Temperature checks are still in place and when moving around the venue, face coverings are advised.

Our experience....

Inflatabubble is Chester’s brand new indoor bouncing theme park. First impressions at Inflatabubble were WOW! The area is clean, bright and colourful and therefore highly appealing to children. Inflatabubble is designed around children up to the age of 12 although all ages are welcome. We felt reassured that the venue does not permit groups of teenagers which is great if you are bringing a family of young children.

Main play area Inflatabubble Chester 

They kept the numbers small enough that it was lots of fun with plenty of space to run and bounce around, and even I had a good go! Staff can keep a closer eye out and take extra special care of families with very young children. There is a smaller kids inflatable section if you do need to take older and younger kids at the same time.

If you are a little anxious as you have kiddos just starting to find their feet then Inflatabubble offer their daily Toddler Time from 10am to 11am. The kids will sing nursery rhymes and play games. If you have siblings that are older than toddler age, Inflatabubble will accommodate children up to eight during Toddler sessions but do kindly advise parents that there are lots of little ones around.  We visited with a three, four and an eight year old so we didn’t experience Toddler Time but it sounds like lots of fun.

These two images show the toddler area at Inflatabubble Chester 

We feel that a bounce around here at Inflatabubble is a great way to get the kids involved in their daily exercise without them even realising. The workout is low impact but fun as they navigate the obstacle courses etc, and it was a great way to share family time with lots of laugher. The upbeat music made it feel like we were at a party. 


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We fully enjoyed spending time as a family bouncing around, navigating through tunnels, climbing the steps, whizzing down slides etc. Staff also play games with the kids such as hide and seek, team games such as working in small groups to find some hidden items (like a treasure hunt) and there are a range of timed challenges to get involved in too. There is a score board for children, adults and staff with prizes like slush and candy floss. Every Friday from 5pm to 6.30pm there is a special event e.g. Inflatabubble Olympics, Pizza Parties, Harry Potter, and Gaming whereby the games staff play with the kids are built around these weekly themes. For example, in the Harry Potter event, the kids had a charms lesson, made potions, played wizard inspired games, and even played inflatable quidditch.

Supporting children with additional needs...

In terms of supporting children with additional needs, there are SEN and autism friendly sessions. ‘Inflatabubble Friendly Sessions’ run on select days from 5.30 to 6.30pm with even further reduced numbers, no music, adjustments will be made for children with sensory issues e.g. removal of socks etc. Guests arrive to an empty building and can take their time to vacate. Staff manning these sessions are experienced staff undergoing training with ChAPS (Cheshire Autism Practical Support), a SEND charity based in Chester.


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There is a café on site which serves a selection of hot and cold drinks. A cup of tea is only £1.50 and all other hot drinks e.g. a range of freshly ground coffees and hot chocolates were priced at £1.95 at the time of our visit. Cold cans are £1 and bottles £1.50 so are competitively priced. In terms of snacks we saw a range of crisps for £1, some yummy looking cakes for £1.95 and a range of hot dogs for £2.95. There is even a vegan hot dog which was a nice idea.

We were too busy playing to grab any food or drink as the session only lasts an hour and we wanted to maximise play time. However, parents are welcome to just sit back and relax with a cuppa and let the kids explore. Adults who just need a minute to themselves to enjoy a hot brew do not have to pay to enter Inflatabubble. The space is quite open so you can see a lot of what the kids get up to and there’s plenty of staff to support play.

Our overall verdict...

The kids absolutely loved it and their only complaint was that the session was only an hour. We could have easily stayed for much longer. However after an hour of being dragged round by the 4 year old I was exhausted but happy that I got in my days worth of exercise! Although personally we would have liked a longer session, heaps of fun was had and we would certainly go again. Inflatabubble is a great new addition to Chester and is a great option if looking for things to do in Chester with kids.


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Hints and tips...

  1. Arrive ten minutes early to register, sort out your locker etc and maximise play time.
  2. Check clothes are not going to restrict movement e.g. tight jeans may want to be reconsidered.
  3. If you are worried about your belongings free lockers are provided which are combination locks so no messing around with storing keys etc. 

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Terms And Conditions...

  1. This review was not written by Clued In With Kids but one of our Facebook followers who kindly sent us details of their day out and asked us to write the review on their behalf. The thoughts and opinions are therefore not representative of Clued In With Kids but we have checked the main facts with Inflatabubble for accuracy.
  2. Prices and information was correct at the time of publication.


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