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Welcome to Clued In With Kids

Welcome to Clued In With Kids

Welcome to your Clued In With Kids website, your information hub for all things kids!

Well the day has finally come where we can launch our brand new website. Clued In With Kids is built and maintained by families, for families. We have one goal which is to help you to make some incredible memories that last a lifetime.

After the birth of our little girl two years ago, we were always on the hunt for things to do and places to go that would help stimulate her development. However, at the time we didn’t really know where to look to keep our days varied. What started off as a simple baby groups list soon developed into the formation of a facebook group back in May 2018, offering a space for families to help each other by providing ideas for days out, recommendations of groups and classes, and the sharing of local events. Our social media following rapidly grew and now we are pleased to take this one step further with the launch of our new website, making it even easier for members to find what they are looking for.

So what do we cover?

  • Days out with kids reviewed by our Clued In With Kids members
  • Upcoming events
  • Groups, classes & kids clubs
  • Party & event businesses
  • Eating out with kids
  • Childcare
  • Holidays
  • Retail therapy
  • Photography
  • Professional services and job advertisements
  • Blogs and reviews of days out, products, services and more.

As you can see, the directory will continue to develop over time but we are pleased to announce that we have enough days out and events to keep you entertained over the Summer Months. Local Businesses will continue to add their details and so the website will continue to grow and expand.

We predominantly cover Cheshire, North Wales, Wirral, Liverpool and Merseyside but will be expanding to cover others over the next 12 months.

Key features:

  • Quick search – each directory has a tab where you can enter a key word.
  • Search groups and classes not only by type but also by day. Ideal if you suddenly find yourself free on a Tuesday for example.
  • Search by Postcode – Perfect if you aren’t quite ready to go home and want to visit a second location. This feature is also handy if you fancy a bite to eat but don’t know much about the area you are visiting.
  • Search the events directory by date range, ideal if off work or if you are planning a holiday and want to see what events will be running whilst you are there. 
  • Events can be found in the events directory but will also be attached to listing cards. For example, if you fancy a trip to Tatton Park, simply click Tatton Park’s directory and their events will be found.
  • Find places of interest that are accessible by public transport, have made provision for people with autism, are suitable for rainy days, are free entry, and find places where the dog can go too.
  • Families can review any services provided e.g. day out attractions, groups, party entertainers, photographers, restaurants and more. Terms and conditions apply.

Thank you to our members both old and new. We wouldn’t be launching the site without you. You have given our family some amazing experiences and we hope that the website enables you to get out in the fresh air and spend some quality time together.

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